Chappy Tabby

About me


I’m Chappy Tabby, work as a designer and illustrator in Japan.

I worked as a freelance illustrator first time for several years.
Then I studied web design further in 2019,
and have started to work as a designer, too.


What I give you is …

design, illustration or something I can express
which makes everybody associated with me and you happy 😺
by consolidating creative and logical assets.


I’d like to do …

– to help those who have strong passion for the service on start-up
– to build a beautiful world, and experience, share it
– to create a lively kitty character, then make people fun


Design (Web / Graphic)

Photoshop / Illustrator / Adobe XD / Figma


Clip Studio Paint / Photoshop / Illustrator /
Adobe Fresco

Front Engineering

HTML / CSS (SCSS) / Javascript / jQuery