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Light Lounge landing page design (November, 2019)

Light Lounge key visual
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“My own smart space”



openness / freely come to this place -> familiarness / lightness / warm

smart / focus / refined


A company which has just launched a new co-working space ‘Light Lounge’ in Shibuya


Young people in twenties work in Shibuya

Enthusiastic attitude toward their work, stylish, fashionable

Interested in something new / trend

Client’s problem

Their new service is not familiar to their target, so they want to get to know and come to.

Targets’ problem


How to get to know the client’s new service?

– Use ads banners, lading page

How to get to win target’s trust?

– Make a service logo for the service

The strength of the service

  • Available in late night (after 8 pm), holidays
  • Less expensive than most of other competing services
  • Stylish interior
  • Relaxing space -> suit for an image ‘ freely come to this place ‘


Warm colors (orange – red) to express warm, familiarness

Generally light tone to express lightness

Light Lounge landing page color list


Source Han Sans Japanese

Source Han Sans Japanese sample

Keywords: stylish, refined, urban, familiar

Also readable font.

Light Lounge - PC用デザインFV
Design for PC
Light Lounge - SP用デザインFV
Design for Smartphone
Light Lounge - Tab用デザインFV
Design for tablet
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