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Gelateria MAKO logo design (October, 2019)

Design - Gelateria MAKO logo
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Relaxing cafeteria serving fine gelato



Gelateria MAKO (fictional)

The owner had been in Italy for 10 years.

Serving gelato made with healthy, organic ingredients.

Persona’s data


fine / nature / relaxing / encounter / unite / fusion / joy / happiness / healing / source / give / offer

Symbol logo

The shape of gelato -> it resembles mountains -> nature and relaxation

Two different shaped mountains -> two elements = two counties (Italy and Japan) ‘meet each other’ then unite -> this makes us delightful and happy

The road from mountains -> it is from ‘source’ = logo’s typography, and connects to the client -> thus it means ‘connection for giving targets client’s service / product’

Logo typography

Base font -> Relation Two

These two colors have stylishness, elegance -> also has fineness.


Gold and navy – I chose these colors because they give fineness, elegance, chic and stylishness.

Gelateria MAKO logo design mock up - glass mug
Gelateria MAKO logo design idea sketch
Idea sketch 2
Gelateria MAKO logo color pattern
Color variation idea
Inquire about Logo design

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